Are you a law firm owner and have been struggling to attract new customers? It doesn’t matter how hard you push your sales efforts, you are not managing to accomplish your revenue goals? That’s because you need to market your firm online.

As more and more people look on the internet to find legal services, law firms need a solid digital marketing strategy. However, with so many tools, strategies, and channels available, it can be overwhelming to start. Don’t worry. We are here to help. Our team of experienced marketing professionals has developed an ultimate guide to digital marketing for law firms that want to increase their visibility. We’ll cover the essential strategies your business should implement to attract clients interested in your legal services. So let’s get started!

Why do Law Firms Need Digital Marketing?

Before covering some practical strategies to market your firm, it’s essential to understand why digital marketing is vital. Law firms need digital marketing in today’s digital age for several reasons. First and foremost, it allows them to increase their visibility and reach a larger audience. This, in turn, can generate leads and attract potential clients, helping them grow their business and increase revenue.

Digital marketing also allows law firms to build their brand and establish themselves as reliable sources. As opposed to traditional marketing, digital marketing is often more cost-effective and provides measurable results. This allows law firms to track the success of their strategies and adjust it accordingly.

How do you do Marketing for a Law Firm?

The remarkable thing about digital marketing is that there isn’t a single way to promote your firm online. Your digital marketing efforts will focus on or switch to specific channels depending on your budget, needs, and goals. However, certain basics can help you gain brand exposure and attract your target audience regardless of your industry.

Start by Creating a Website

Creating a website will help users find your business online. Studies indicate that 85% of users looking for lawyer services prefer using Google as a primary source for research. What does this mean? It means that for your business to transmit credibility, it must have an optimized, relevant, and engaging website. A website will also help users learn more about your services and have the necessary information to decide if you fit their needs well. Unfortunately, having a website is not enough; it must be well-designed, informative, and optimized for search engines.

How can law firms create an effective website that attracts potential clients?

Optimizing your website for search engines helps increase rankings and attract users interested in your services. This strategy is also known as search engine optimization (SEO). There are certain things you can do.

  • Create a fantastic user experience: Your website should be designed with the user in mind. Ensure it is easy to navigate and the most essential information is easy to find. Use clear and concise language and avoid cluttered or confusing designs. Search engines like Google reward websites built that satisfy clients’ search intent and provide an outstanding experience. Remember that you are targeting humans, not robots. Have this in mind when making your site.
  • Create valuable content: Your website should include valuable content that informs and educates potential clients. Consider creating a blog or resource center that covers topics related to your practice area. Also, target relevant keywords that users usually search for when looking for your services. The more value you provide to users, the better the signal to Google will be that your business is relevant.
  • Ensure it is mobile-friendly: With more and more people browsing the internet from mobile devices, your website must be mobile-friendly. Make sure it’s mobile-friendly and loads quickly on phones and tablets.

Leverage the Power of Social Media Platforms

Studies indicate that over 4.80 billion people use social media nowadays, representing 59.9% of the total population. If your objective is to increase exposure for your brand considerably, then you should implement a social media marketing strategy that appeals to your target audience.

What are social media best practices to promote a law firm?

There’s no specific formula for making the most of your social profiles. It will all depend on your target market and the market trends. However, the formula for engaging with customers remains the same.

  • Choose the right platforms: all social platforms are different. Your firm should choose the platforms most relevant to your target audience and where you are most likely to engage with potential clients.
  • Provide value: Social media is about building relationships and providing value to your audience. The key to a successful strategy is sharing informative, engaging content that helps users identify and solve their needs. Creativity also plays an important role. Whatever format you choose for your content, ensure it is attractive and valuable.
  • Post consistently: Consistency is vital to ensuring a successful social media strategy. Maintain a regular posting schedule and ensure your message is consistent across all social media platforms.
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  • Engage with your audience: Interact with users by answering their questions and taking part in discussions.
  • Use visuals: Visuals are a powerful tool on social media. Use high-quality visuals, such as images and videos, to catch your audience’s attention and communicate your message effectively.

Create an Engaging Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing involves creating valuable content that educates and engages potential clients to build trust and establish thought leadership. Not only can content help you rank higher, but it can also help you drive engagement, leads, and sales.

What types of content should law firms create to engage with clients?

The content format you decide to create will depend on the characteristics of your target market and what is trending in the market. Something great about social media is that you can experiment and develop your content ideas. However, some effective content types you can post to engage with your audience include:

  • Videos: video marketing is known to be one of the most effective content formats. They are a powerful tool to engage with potential clients and can be used to share informative content, such as how-to guides or interviews.
  • Infographics: infographics can communicate complex information clearly and engagingly in a visual way. Law firms can use infographics to share statistics and insights related to their practice area.
  • Testimonials: testimonials are examples of social proof that can help build trust with potential clients. You can create case studies that showcase your successes and highlight their value to clients.

Implement Email Marketing Efforts

Email marketing is a cost-effective and efficient strategy to reach potential clients, stay up-to-date with current clients, and generate new business. It’s been proven that emails are an excellent way to drive sales and nurture relationships with your existing customers. If implemented correctly, it can be one of your firm’s most effective digital marketing strategies.

How can law firms create effective email campaigns?

Like SEO, email marketing requires extensive attention to detail, constant testing, and optimization to find that sweet spot where customers open your emails. You can implement multiple strategies to achieve this.

  • Craft compelling subject lines: The subject line will be the first thing that users see, so it’s crucial to craft an engaging subject line that encourages them to open the email. Make sure to write short but catchy subject lines.
  • Personalize the message: Personalization can help increase open and click-through rates. Making customers feel unique and valuable will make them remember you and increase sales. Use the recipients’ names and adapt your message to each particular need. This way, they’ll feel understood and decide to contact you.
  • Use a clear call-to-action: The email should include a clear call-to-action (CTA) that encourages the recipient to take action. For example, you can invite them to schedule a consultation or download a resource. Make sure that the CTA aligns with your campaign goals.

Use Paid Advertising

If your objective is generating sales and leads quickly, then paid advertising is an excellent channel. Paid advertising allows law firms to target specific audiences based on location, demographics, and interests. The users that see your ad are more likely to convert into customers. You can run paid ads in almost every search engines or social platform, such as Google, Facebook, Bing, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

How can law firms create effective ad campaigns?

If implemented correctly, paid ads can significantly skyrocket your sales. To do so, consider the following:

  • Define the audience: The first thing in creating an effective ad campaign is to define the target audience. You should segment your audience based on practice area, location, and interests.
  • Choose the right platform: platforms offer different ads and targeting options. Choose the platform most relevant to your target audience and where you are most likely to engage with potential clients.
  • Leverage visuals: Visuals are a powerful tool in advertising. Use high-quality visuals, such as images and videos, to catch users attention and communicate your message effectively.
  • Use a clear call-to-action: The ad should have a clear call-to-action that encourages users to take action, such as scheduling a consultation or visiting your website.
  • Monitor and optimize: Ad campaigns should be monitored and optimized to ensure effectiveness. Track metrics such as impressions, click-through rates, and conversions to measure the success of your campaigns and adjust their strategy accordingly.


In conclusion, your law firm’s digital marketing strategy is crucial to guarantee long-term success and attract clients interested in buying from you. By creating an effective website, leveraging social media platforms, implementing email marketing efforts, and using paid advertising, you can increase your business’s online visibility, engage with potential clients, and build your online image.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry. We know it is a lot to take on, but RealTop is here to help! We have over 15 years of experience helping law firm agencies thrive online through effective and targeted marketing strategies. Get a free marketing plan today!