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Our thanks to Troy and the Grow a Small Business Podcast team, we had a really great time talking about all digital marketing things, and our commitment to helping small, medium & large service business owners have a blast off online

Episode Nuggets:

“For any small business looking to jump on digital, don’t just think of maybe the cost per click and the cost per lead but think of the shock to the business.” —Nikitas Tsoukales

“Always acknowledge the talents and efforts of the people around your company.” —Nikitas Tsoukales

“Success for me is doing what I want to do when I want to do it.” —Nikitas Tsoukales

Get Started Now Business Growth Solutions & Problems.

“Get your referral game on lockdown.” —Nikitas Tsoukales

“Create a simple workflow, make a roadmap for your business, and later you will see growth.” —Nikitas Tsoukales

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