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Marketing ideas for Women's Day

Today marks the annual celebration of International Women’s Day. This day honors the achievements of women throughout history and around the world.

As a business owner, it’s essential to recognize this day and honor its importance. You can do this by creating a marketing strategy that celebrates women’s empowerment and encourages customers to get involved in the cause. Here are some creative and engaging marketing ideas for international women’s day to get you started.

What is the slogan for women’s day?

This year’s women’s history month theme is #EmbraceEquity – an empowering message to women everywhere to challenge society’s equity standard for a more equitable future in every field.

Women’s Day Marketing ideas

How to market on International women’s day?

Share women’s stories and testimonies

Sharing successful women’s stories and testimonials is a great way to drive engagement to your digital channels. You can share stories and testimonies in various formats, including website blogs and social media posts. You can inspire other women and emotionally connect with them through success stories. Supporting a noble cause like women’s day will incentivize them to choose your business as a provider. Additionally, this content type is ideal for driving qualified traffic during this day.

Create unique content pieces that celebrate international women’s day

Another great way to encourage engagement, traffic, shares, and sales is by creating content that celebrates women’s empowerment. The best thing about this is that you don’t have to stick to one specific type of content. You can create engaging blog posts, social media posts, emails, and graphics. Make sure you share them on all your digital channels to increase visibility and exposure for your business. Boost your content performance by targeting women’s day keywords and hashtags.

Create inspiring videos showcasing leadership on women

It can be challenging to get people to listen and take action. Videos effectively create engaging content that gets more views and convinces users to complete the desired call to action. Use your creativity and be human. Think about the message you want to deliver while addressing how women have impacted society across the years through leadership roles. If possible, invite women in different positions to appear in your video. Once your video is ready, please share it with a catchy copy on social media to attract users’ attention. If your objective is getting your content viewed and noticed today, you should consider video marketing.

Women Leaders

Leverage influencer marketing

Collaborate with women influencers to create custom content for the brand’s female audience. You can partner with bloggers, TikTokers, businesswomen, and celebrities. This content can be used to promote products or services or to share important messages about gender equality and the importance of recognizing women’s achievements. You can also use influencer marketing to encourage followers to participate in events, such as fundraisers, or share stories about inspiring women.

Spotlight women in your team

To honor and recognize the contributions of female employees on your team, consider taking the time to spotlight them in some way on Women’s Day. This could include:

  • Sending out a company email or newsletter featuring and celebrating their successes.
  • Holding a special event or gathering to recognize and thank them for their hard work.
  • Creating a video or blog post that showcases the women in your team and how they have helped to shape your business.
  • Get Started Now Business Growth Solutions & Problems.

  • Offering special recognition or awards to the women in your team.
  • Inviting the women in your team to share their ideas and suggestions for how the workplace can better support women.

This strategy will help you build a stronger team and increase employee retention, as they will feel heard and valuable.

Run A Giveaway or Contest

Running a giveaway or contest as part of your international women’s day campaign can help you drive online engagement and achieve your marketing goals. For example, you could launch a contest that invites users to ask three friends to follow your account as a requisite to participate in a giveaway of one of your products. This will help you grow your follower accounts and increase your post’s engagement. The contest rules you set will depend on the business goals you want to pursue.

Run Women’s Day ads

As part of your international women’s day campaigns, you can run paid ads targeting keywords for women’s day and catch high-converting traffic. You can significantly increase sales for your products or services through PPC. Build landing pages on your website for your women’s day ads to ensure you convince the potential customers you generate to make the final purchase. You can run ads on Facebook, Google, Bing, Instagram, and other social platforms. Constantly monitor your ads to ensure maximum performance.

Launch theme-related products

You can launch items that celebrate the accomplishments of women, products that support women’s health and wellness, and products that help raise awareness about gender equality. To encourage urgency, specify to your customers that these are limited-time products. You can also create a remarkable women’s day promotion or discount to help increase your sales volume. For example, you could create shirts, hats, banners, stickers, and other souvenirs commemorating this day.

Women's Day Products

Host a Women’s Day event

Another way you can celebrate women’s day is by hosting special events. You can invite a guest speaker, organize an awards ceremony, panel discussions, or other activities. Invite men and women to attend and share their stories of how the accomplishments of women have personally impacted them. This is an excellent strategy to get the conversation around your brand and generate engagement with users online. Additionally, events can help you grow your contacts and follower list as you can attract new customers that don’t know about your business.

Create exclusive gift cards and coupons

Who doesn’t like gifts or discounts? You can give gift cards and discounts to your female customers during this day to draw attention. Also, coupons can help you grow your sales by selling your products at discounts.

Create engaging email marketing campaigns

Lastly, you can send personalized emails to your contact list with content meant to empower women and advocate for them. Take advantage of this opportunity and include the special offers you have in your business today. Users likely buy from you if they feel your email is personal. Use can use our email writing tips to ensure you create a conversions-driven email marketing campaign.


International Women’s Day is an excellent opportunity to promote your business and make a positive impact. With the right strategies, you can create engaging campaigns that will help to increase brand awareness and reach new customers.

Don’t worry. We can help you develop winning marketing ideas for women’s day to help you grow your business online. Contact us today, get a free marketing plan from our team of experts, and discover the benefits of hiring our digital marketing services! Happy international women’s day!