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Clients Goals: To create a predictable digital marketing machine for a startup personal injury firm in South Carolina. 

Client Results: Created custom Google Search campaign resulting in more than 520 leads at a cost of $63.96 a lead in the first year. 

Ongoing optimization resulted in a $18.93 reduction in cost per lead before the end of the first year with a more than 80% increase in total number of leads. This has allowed us to scale the campaign while still achieving the target CPA. 

How we did it:

  • A/B Split Testing of Ads
  • New More Consumer Centric Ad Copy
  • In-Depth Keyword Research and Search Query Optimization
  • Extensive Daily Negative Keyword List Creation
  • Creation of invalid click blocking system
  • New Google Analytics Reporting
  • New Call Tracking Reporting with Call Recording and Instant/Daily/Weekly/Monthly report to client for sales optimization
  • Feedback loop communication system with his team and our marketing manager 
  • Strict adherence to google search and search partner channels(High intention)