Reputation Management Tools you Need for your Business

Reputation Management Tools for your Business

January 13th, 2023

Why Reputation Management?

Whether you have a small or large business, managing your online reputation is essential to attract new customers. A study from Brightlocal found that users read around ten online reviews before deciding to trust a business as a service provider.

However, handling an online reputation sounds like an overwhelming task. Imagine manually monitoring customer feedback from every platform, website, or social media. It’s humanly impossible.

Luckily, a reputation management software can make handling your brand’s online presence easier.

What Is Reputation Management?

Before mentioning some of the top reputation management tools used by businesses, let’s refresh what reputation management is. Reputation management is the process of monitoring how customers perceive a company or organization. This process requires keeping track of what is being said about your business online, both in search engine results and on social media platforms.

Reputation management may include:

    1. Getting and monitoring reviews for your business
    2. Handling negative reviews in an attempt to convert them into positive ones
    3. Formulating strategies to boost brand credibility

The most valuable asset a company may have is its brand reputation. Without a positive business reputation, it will be hard for you to do business. Think of it the following way, would you go to a restaurant if you knew there were only negative comments about it? Probably not. The same way works for any Business.

The Best Reputation Management Software

What is a reputation management tool?

A reputation management tool is a software that will help you monitor reviews, comments, or mentions of your brand online. They can also make the process of getting new reviews more efficient and easy from an all-in-one platform.

The tool you select will depend on the features you want to use and the goals you want to pursue. Below we mention some reputation management tools that have proven to perform great and that you should consider for your business.

Online Reputation management tools Any Business should have

The Brand Grader

If you want a quick overview of how your business’s online reputation is performing, The Brand Grader
is a great option for you. This tool will allow you to see how your company’s online reputation is performing by analyzing important websites that are talking about your brand, sources where your business is being mentioned, and the location of those mentions. It is a free tool that can perfectly work as a starting online reputation management software.

The Brand Grader

Google Alerts

What a best way to analyze your brand reputation than with Google’s own tool. Google Alerts allows you to set up a notification whenever your business is mentioned online, such as in blogs, forums, comments, or social media. This tool is currently free and an excellent way to start with your brand’s online reputation management.

Google Alerts


Buzzsumo is a tool that allows you to look at the top-performing content on the internet by typing a keyword related to your industry. This tool won’t directly help you with review management. Still, you can discover which influencers or figures in your industry create the best content.

You can then create a targeted influencer marketing strategy that will enable you to build your brand credibility and awareness. The only way users will find you is if someone relevant in your industry recommends you. Buzzsumo can be the perfect tool for this job. Prices vary according to your package, but you can still use the free version that allows you to perform ten monthly searches.



Reputology is the perfect choice for review monitoring. It will show you the websites where your company is being recommended and make it easy for you to respond to reviews. Once a new review is created, Reputology will send you an automated email informing you about it.

Additionally, this tool will provide you with the exact location of the review, which will help you with your local SEO efforts. The pricing will depend on the size of your company and your current reputation management needs.


Grade Us

To analyze how your brand performs across different sites, consider using Grade Us. With Grade Us, you can explore multiple websites from a single dashboard, and it includes features such as:

    1. Review management automation
    2. Build your review management campaigns
    3. Email and text campaigns monitoring
    4. Analytics to measure the performance of your brand reputation efforts

The prices can range from $25 to $110 depending on your company’s size and current reputation management needs.

Grade Us

Bright Local

Bright Local is a reputation management tool that integrates review tracking, Google My Business, and SEO. If your objective is to spread your brand’s reputation in a specific area, this tool will help you with the job. You can also find citations of your business and monitor the information being displayed about your business. Additionally, it will help you answer reviews quickly with just one click.

Bright Local will help you merge your reputation management and SEO efforts into a helpful platform. Pricing varies according to the size of your business.

Bright Local

Sprout Social

Sprout Social can assist you with your social media management efforts by making it simple to answer mentions on different social platforms. This tool is ideal for social monitoring and can help you better understand your online reputation on social channels. The prices will depend on how many users you wish to add to your account.

Sprout Social


Birdeye is ideal for large businesses that wish to track all of their reviews on a single platform. This tool integrates different features from reputation management softwares. With Birdeye, you can create personalized messages to send to customers, manage and track reviews, and monitor social interactions.

Its pricing is more expensive than other tools but gathers diverse features from different tools into a single one.


Local Clarity

Local Clarity is a platform that allows you to protect your business’s online reputation by giving you total control over business listings and reviews on specific locations. With Local Clarity, you will be able to:

  1. Get comprehensive reports
  2. Scan daily for new reviews posted
  3. Manage questions and answers on Google (Q&A)
  4. Manage listings
  5. Create automated reply campaigns

The prices for this tool will depend on how many locations you decide to track. However, prices range from $10 to $12 per location.

Local Clarity


Managing your social media image is essential to your reputation management strategy. Buffer allows you to schedule social media posts to manage your time accordingly. How is this related to your online reputation? The better content you produce, the more likely users will remember your brand and recommend it to others.

Buffer is an affordable tool whose pricing depends on how many social channels you want to manage. The best is that it offers a free version that allows you to start getting familiar with the tool by managing up to 3 social profiles.



The last tool we want to mention is SentiOne. This tool allows you to discover what users are saying about your company by analyzing mentions and keywords of your business on other websites or social profiles. SentiOne will enable you to organize and filter reviews into positive and negative reviews.

Also, to make the information easier to handle, the platform allows you to visualize the information so you can better understand what the numbers represent. Plans are divided into team and enterprise plans that you can choose based on your needs.



Regardless of the reputation management tool you choose for your business, you must be clear on what you want to achieve, measure, and track. This way, you can select the tool that best helps you pursue your business’s goals.

If you are still trying to figure out how to start with your reputation management strategy, RealTop is here to help you! Our team has been helping businesses for over 15 years to strengthen their brand’s online reputation through our reputation management services. You can rest assured that your business reputation is in the right hands! Get a free marketing plan today!

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