Why You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy for your Business

Imagine the following scenario. Bill has been selling shoes for the last 25 years. Back in 1998, his sales were skyrocketing as he had never imagined. He always promoted his business through newspapers, cold sales, and word-of-mouth.

However, over the last ten years, Bill has experienced a massive decrease in sales and is losing his reputation as a recognized shoe provider. He discovers that his competitor, “Better Shoes than Bill’s,” has won territory. He then finds out they’ve been promoting their products on digital channels, such as social media, websites, and online advertising.

Can you identify why you need a digital marketing strategy in today’s market?

The internet and various digital tools have opened up massive opportunities for businesses to reach customers of all sizes and encourage interactions with them like never before.

Are you looking for ways to generate more revenue for your company? Then, you need a digital marketing strategy that appeals to your target audience. In this blog, we’ll discuss the reasons why you need a digital marketing strategy and the benefits it can bring to your business.

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Why is a digital marketing strategy needed?

Competition is Growing Fast

New businesses are popping up almost every day. Studies show that 5 million businesses were started in 2022. With so much competition in the market and tons of companies offering a version of the same thing, the only way yours can stand out from the rest is by investing in an effective digital marketing strategy. Luckily, not all businesses are implementing a digital marketing strategy.

This gap represents an opportunity for your business to target your audience through different digital marketing channels. A digital strategy will help you communicate your value proposition as no other traditional marketing efforts can. You can sell your product and promote it by fostering creativity and innovation.

Online Competition is Growing

Improves Communication with Potential Customers

A digital marketing strategy will help you communicate with your potential customers more effectively. It’s not necessary to call every customer to communicate your message anymore. With digital marketing, you can deliver your message to a wide range of users through strategies like social media marketing and paid advertising.

Also, digital marketing makes it easy for users to contact you as they can have contact information handy when a need arises. Users want to be able to communicate with companies when needed. Complex communication processes are no longer a thing. Take advantage of this and ensure that you are delivering your messages correctly.

Boosts Brand Presence and Awareness

5.07 billion people around the world use the internet today
A digital marketing strategy for your business will help you ensure that your brand gains exposure and visibility. Users perform online searches to answer their questions and satisfy their needs. To maximize results, use the different channels available to promote your business. You can use a website, social media platforms, SEO, paid ads, and email. This way, users can find your business in every place they search for, building awareness, recognition, and authority around your brand.

Digital Marketing Strategies are Easier to Track

Remember when businesses invested millions of dollars in cold TV, radio, or display advertising? It was almost impossible to determine how many people saw your ads or the sources that generated revenue. Not anymore!

Digital marketing strategies are easy to track as opposed to traditional marketing. With different tools available in the market, you can see how users interact with your digital marketing campaigns, who sees them, time and place, and whether they become customers. You can use tools like Google Analytics or Google Search Console to determine your primary sources of traffic and analyze which campaigns are driving results.

Measurable Digital Marketing Strategy

Adapt to any type of Budget

The best thing about digital marketing strategies is that you don’t need a huge budget. Start with a small budget and increase it upon noticing results. Start by defining the goals you want to pursue. Then, you can better understand the strategies needed to reach those goals and how many resources you can allocate for your digital marketing plan. Plan the steps ahead of time so you can project your budget correctly.

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Allows creativity to fit in a variety of formats

You no longer have to sacrifice creativity due to the lack of formats to deliver your digital marketing campaign. A digital marketing strategy for your business opens the door for many opportunities, formats, and tools to execute your plan. Were you worried you couldn’t target mobile users with your TV ads? You can target them through PPC adssocial media marketing, email marketing, video, and more! The possibilities are endless. Let the creativity flow inside your head. The available digital tools will help you make your ideas possible.

Helps you Target the correct group of People

Digital marketers can target the correct market segment willing to buy their products thanks to a digital marketing strategy. Almost every digital tool includes features to specify their target audience’s characteristics, such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

Forget about launching massive campaigns that target every user. You are only interested in targeting a group of people who will buy from you, and a digital marketing strategy can make that possible. The more specific your target audience, the greater the chances to increase sales and conversions.

Try formulating a buyer persona to get a better and more accurate picture of your ideal customers. You can then run a successful marketing strategy that communicates your message to the right group of people.

Allows you to optimize your marketing tactics

As opposed to traditional marketing strategies, digital marketing techniques allow you to optimize your tactics without incurring a significant loss. Think about it. You can’t do anything to improve a TV’s ad performance once it’s released. You would have to spend a lot more money to run another ad to remedy the low-performing one. And most likely, consumers already have the wrong message in mind, which will be harder to fix.

Luckily, an online marketing strategy allows you to optimize your efforts as you see fit. Don’t you like how your social media posts look like? You can easily edit them. Did the paid ad you launched wasn’t targeting the correct users? No problem. You can cancel it or even modify it to perform better. With digital marketing, you are allowed to make mistakes. And that’s the beauty of it. You can repeatedly try until you find what works best for your business.

You stay-up-to date with market trends

A strong digital marketing strategy will help your business stay updated with what other companies are doing, what content users consume, and what strategies work. Think about it, what’s the first thing you do when you want to know something about a specific topic? You Google it! The internet gives you the answer to every single one of your search queries. Also, there are plenty of listening tools that can give you better insights into what’s working for businesses, such as

Digital Markerting Trends

Works for any type of Business

Lastly, a digital marketing strategy works for any business and industry. It doesn’t matter if your business is small, medium, or large. With a good digital marketing strategy, you can increase brand awareness, attract customers, and generate higher sales revenues. The trick is determining which digital channels would work to target your audience.


Now that you understand why you need a digital marketing strategy, it’s time to take action. A well-executed digital marketing strategy will help you achieve your business goals and generate valuable customers. Unsure of where to start? RealTop has more than 15 years of experience helping businesses thrive online. Get a free marketing plan with our team today, and let us help you implement effective digital marketing tactics!