U.S. National Financial Services Company
Executive Summary

A strong national financial services company with a sales staff of 25 was experiencing rapid growth and wanted to improve their growth rate through a Google Ads campaign. RealTop developed a Google Ads campaign engine for the client, which has resulted in a 36% conversion rate from prospects to clients and over $5 million USD in new revenue.


Our client had been in business since 2009, making them a strong financial services business. However, they just weren’t seeing the kind of growth they expected to keep their staff of 25 salespeople active and busy. They needed more promising leads coming in that would help them see significantly more growth in the upcoming years.

Our Approach

To start, we worked with the client to create a change in mindset. Many clients expect a 5:1 return on investment of $1 million to see returns of $5 million. We worked with the client to create a mindset change, that what they invested in a single day would be taken back out of their new revenue, rather than that they would need to continuously come up with new funds if nothing was coming back in.

Towards that end, the client invested $2766 for a single day, and saw a 5:1 return on their investment the next day. We took back the original $2766 from those returns and reinvested it, creating even more revenue. This process is helping the client generate a lot of new revenue without the risk of a big investment up front, by simply taking a pay-as-you-go approach to their Google Ads campaign. Though they had a higher cost per lead, our pay-as-you-go system generated a significant return on their investment by delivering a significant amount of new customers on a daily basis.

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With a budget of $83,300 for 30 days of Google Ads and supporting expertise, we were able to leverage their investment to provide a significant increase in quality leads and active clients. Using this budget, we were able to develop a Google Ads engine which helped find the kind of quality leads the client was trying to find.

The Results

Over a three-month time span, the client received 2590 new quality leads through the Google Ads campaign we’d created, with a cost of $32.22 per lead. Though this could seem a bit high, the quality of the leads was the true benefit of the Google Ads campaign we designed, with a 36% conversion rate turning those 2590 leads into 932 new customers, and an additional 300 customers per month from the referrals of the customers generated from ads. This has continued to increase to the point of averaging 1232 new customers per month, with an average revenue of $400 per client for a total monthly revenue of $492,000 per month. Accounting for potential slowdowns, this still provides the client with well over $5 million in new revenue per year, and higher figures are more than reasonable.

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