The Pros and Cons of Influencer Marketing

The term "influencer marketing" makes us think of cute little pandas and baby bunnies. After all, it's not every day that we think about marketing strategies involving bunnies or panda hats. But that's exactly why influencer marketing is so powerful. The idea of an influencer may sound unusual at first, but once you understand what [...]

Top 5 Hacks To Boost Your Conversion Rates

The start of a new year often means working with a new marketing budget. If 2021 did not bring quite the conversion rate you had hoped for, try incorporating these hacks to boost your customer conversion rate. Include at Least One Pop-Up A pop-up advertisement, coupon, or lead form will draw the attention of website [...]

The ABC’s of SEO

The ABCs of SEO: How to Get Started Search engine optimization is the science of optimizing your website to increase visibility in search engine results pages. SEOs base their strategies on what experts have figured out about how Google ranks websites and what Google has communicated through direct guidance. The final goal is to appear [...]

Top 5 Tips to Create an Effective Buyer Persona

If you are a brand looking for ways to target your marketing efforts, the term buyer persona is something you need to understand. Buyer personas help you focus your marketing and realize your customers’ needs. But ultimately, it’s about doing a better job for your target audience. What Is A Buyer Persona? Buyer personas, or [...]

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out For in 2022

What are the trends in digital marketing for 2022? While there are some tried and true marketing techniques that have been used for centuries, digital marketing seems to change from year to year. Technology has helped develop new, more effective ways to market products and services. The ultimate goal is always a better return for [...]

Top 7 Reasons to Run Bing Ads Alongside Google Ads

Bing vs Google Ads One of the most frequently asked questions about paid ad campaigns is, “Should I be running Google Ads and Bing Ads simultaneously?” That’s a fair question. Most businesses gravitate towards Google because of its sheer gravity and market dominance. But Bing isn’t small potatoes by any stretch of the imagination. Additionally, [...]

4 Tips to Maximize Your SEO Strategy

Why is SEO Important? Improving your company’s search engine results through SEO (search engine optimization) has never been more complex. But businesses that neglect this key arm of digital marketing will inevitably get buried by their competitors when consumers make industry-relevant searches on Google. Search engines are constantly updating their algorithms to give better search [...]

Top 10 Keyword Research Tools for Marketers

What is a keyword research tool? A keyword research tool helps you find keywords to optimize your content for search engines. The term “keyword” is used to refer to a word or phrase that people use when searching for information online. These tools help marketers identify the most relevant keywords that are important to their [...]

Email Marketing is the King

Email Marketing Campaigns The question we always get is, what is the most profitable digital marketing channel I can start with? Simple. Email Marketing. Notice that we just emailed you. We’re a digital marketing company with tens of millions of dollars in advertising spent on excellent platforms like Google, Facebook, and Snapchat. However, I’m still [...]

How to measure Top of Mind Awareness

You’re a business owner or marketing manager. You’re working hard to get your company out there and noticed. Ideally, you’d like an ever-growing list of dedicated clients or customers who think of you first every time. This has several obvious benefits, including increasing your profit margins and word-of-mouth marketing – which is free, wahoo! The [...]
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