How do I make content unique?

The first (and most important) step in creating content that stands out from the crowd is to challenge yourself to think differently about your topic. The way you approach the subject, the questions you ask, and the solutions you come up with are all part of making content that’s unique. From a content marketing standpoint, it’s helpful to define what makes content unique so you can focus on those aspects when creating. Otherwise, there’s a risk of producing content that seems similar to other topics on your website or blog.

Be purposeful when writing for your blog

There are certain aspects of your blog that should be purposeful. If you’re writing a post about how to save money or make more money, then you should be specific about the topic. It’s also important to think about what makes your content different from other blogs in the space. As an example, if you write about saving money and personal finance, being specific with the topic will help you get more authentic and genuine responses from readers. It would be helpful to go into detail on how to cut back on expenses without cutting back on quality of life or compromising important relationships so that readers can have a better understanding of what they need to do in order to save.

Perform a keyword research prior to having your content writers creating content and make sure to write about topics that have a decent amount of search volume. By doing this you’ll make sure that your topics are purposeful and relevant

How do I avoid formulaic content?

One way you can make content unique is by avoiding formulaic content. This means not going down a path that others might follow or speaking only with one point of view instead of multiple perspectives. For example, if you’re writing about doing laundry at home versus using a laundromat, don’t just focus on cost savings but also explore how each option impacts time management, convenience, and getting enough sleep while.

Test your content

Before you start writing content, it’s important to try things out. Think of this as a test run in which you experiment with different ideas and structures. For example, if your niche is gardening, you could ask yourself questions like “who are my audience?”, “what do they want?”, “what is my goal?” or “how will I structure this?” After doing so, use that information to plan content that focuses on the answers. For example, if the goal was to define what makes a good garden for someone who has never gardened before, you would write about gardening basics such as what plants should be used and how much time your garden should be taken care of.

Use data to inform and inspire content strategy

Enriching your content strategy with data from authoritative websites or figures in your industry can provide you with some amazing insights. Using data will help you sound knowledgeable and give your content support. Use studies, statistics, or articles and link to them in your content. With this knowledge, you can then create unique content based on these insights and produce posts that will attract a greater number of visitors to your site or blog.

Be a storyteller when writing for your blog

A major factor in creating memorable content is to be a storyteller. When you think about your topic, what are you telling that story? Is it about a specific company or brand? What is the customer experience like? What does the brand stand for? If it’s about an event, what did everyone else say about it?

Another way to write content that’s unique is to think of your blog as a medium. A lot of times people write the same kind of posts on their website and blog because they assume that the audience wants more of the same information. By taking this approach, you might find an interesting new angle with which to tell your story.

Another way is by using multiple voices in your post to add variety and depth. For example, instead of just one voice in an article or blog post, try including quotes from other experts that share their perspective on the subject matter. This will allow you to create richer posts with better insights into a topic than if only one person were writing it.

Now the million dollar question is…

How to avoid creating safe and boring content for your business?

To avoid creating boring content and succeed online, you must be willing to have your company’s social media and content marketing stand out and never settle for safe or boring. Here are 14 ways you can accomplish that goal:

1. Take a unique stand on a hot or trending topic.

While you do not need to venture into controversial territory, writing something different from everyone else is the best way to attract a new audience. Trending topics usually have a higher search volume, meaning that users want content about those topics. Take advantage of this as it is a recommended practice on how to avoid creating safe and boring content.

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2. Rotate editorial planning duties among staff to come up with fresh ideas.

Try to choose someone new each month who does not normally participate. This will prevent writers block from your staff while enriching content ideas. Great examples of content often come up when you have multiple heads thinking from different perspectives.

3. Share what you have learned in the past few years as an individual and a business.

This tip is especially relevant in light of COVID-19. Sharing with users how your business had to adapt due to different factors and how you overcame obstacles is a great way to tell a story and an excellent way of creating great content.

4. Break the traditional blog writing rules once in a while.

If you get tired of them, chances are good your customers do too. Even though writing for your blog is good, your audience might get bored of it at times. Repurpose your content in other forms of creative content that will help you drag the attention of your target audience, such as social media posts, eBooks, guides, or emails. Remember that you have 8 seconds before you lose the attention span of users. Make your content worth their time.

5. Hold a meeting to discuss what your target persona would find unique

Defining what your buyer persona finds unique will allow you to identify top performing content that drags the attention span of your target market. Instead of simply writing thousand words of content you might discover that your ideal customer prefers short amount of words but with quality writing in it. What works for a group of users doesn’t mean it’s going to work for the rest as well.

6. Write for people, not for search engines.

Although keywords are important, the writing also needs to sound natural and relatable. Another thing you may want to try is to analyze your content strategy and keyword strategy at the same time to see how well they merge. Taking this step with social marketing can help you resonate better with your audience.

7.Pay attention to how certain pieces of content performed in the past.

If a blog post or eBook download had disappointing results, learn from your mistakes and avoid publishing the same type of content again. With content marketing constantly evolving, you should watch out for content trends to make sure you are maximizing your writing efforts.

8. Occasionally devote social content to recent innovations in your industry.

Providing this information keeps customers updated. It also makes it more likely they will buy from your company if and when it offers the innovation you discuss.

9. Consider how your social media content will benefit others, not just your company.

Doing your work with an attitude of service helps you be more authentic and can give you a greater sense of purpose. Remember, you are writing to help solve customers needs, not just merely for SEO purposes. If customers feel valuable and that their needs are being heard, they come back to your website for more.

10. Take a chance and present content that is out of your field of expertise.

See what other companies are doing with it and then offer your own unique spin. Changing things up once in a while helps to keep your audience interested and avoid creating safe and boring content that falls in the routine.

11. Save tidbits of information you can use for future publications.

This could include anything from stories you see online to human interest stories in a magazine. While you might not use it for years, having a folder of ideas can help inspire ideas when you get stuck.

12. Remember that great writing is necessary to tell your company’s story.

There is no shame in hiring out if you do not have the skills yourself. Content writers are available all over the internet to help you write fun and engaging content. It can save you lots of time and ensure quality results.

13. Be flexible with evergreen content in case a relevant event comes up that can tie into it.

Evergreen content refers to topics that will always be relevant for your target audience. Topics that no matter when you read them, they’ll always be trending in the market. Be flexible about this topics and consider writing about them if required. Don’t feel like you might sound redundant. If users are demanding that type of topics, then you should provide them with it.

14. Remember that it is never about you.

You might be amazed at the results when you make your customer the hero of the story. You should be helping users solve their needs, not yours.

If this all sound overwhelming, remember that REALTOP Digital Marketing Agency is here to help with your social media management. Contact us today and get a free marketing plan and learn how to avoid creating safe and boring content for your business!