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How to Promote your TikTok Account

No matter how good your TikTok videos are, you need to make the proper tweaks to show up to the right people. Are you looking to increase your visibility, reach your target audience, and grow your business through TikTok?

Look no further! This article will discuss how to promote your TikTok account to reach your target customers and increase your visibility. We’ll explain how you can use the “Promote” feature to get your TikToks in front of the right audience and other strategies to boost your TikTok account.

How to Promote your video on TikTok

How do I Promote my TikToks?

To promote TikTok videos effectively, you can use TikTok’s “Promote” feature. This feature allows you to turn your TikToks into video ads. You can access the Promote videos feature by following the following steps:

1. Go to your profile
2. Click on the three lines at the top right corner
3.Then, click on promote

Once you do this, you’ll have to set up some things before publishing your ad. We’ll go through them with you.

Select the video you wish to promote

Choose the video you wish to promote in your TikTok ads campaign. We recommend choosing one of your popular videos with much engagement and high organic performance. This will ensure that your ad performs at its maximum.

Determine your campaign goal

You should then set the goals you want to pursue with your ad. This might be higher conversions, more website traffic, clicks, views, or follows. Make sure that the goals you set align with your overall business goals.

Set your ad budget

Once you determine your goal, proceed to set your ad budget. Decide how much you are able and willing to spend for your ad and the length of time that your campaign will last. Don’t worry. You can modify your budget later if you are unsure.

Track your TikTok video performance

Lastly, once your ad is published, track its performance closely and its impact on your target audience.

With the promote feature, you can appeal to the right TikTok users and effectively promote your TikTok videos.

How can I Promote my TikTok for free?

Even though promoting your TikTok videos has a cost, there are some strategies you can use to promote your TikTok account and videos for free. Let’s go through some of them.

Learn how to Promote your TikTok Account!

Include your TikTok Videos in Your Blog Posts

An easy and cost-effective way to promote your TikTok account is to include your videos in your blog posts. Videos complement your blog’s performance as users will rather watch a short but engaging video than read an extensive blog. Also, videos give you an SEO advantage as you can rank in Google in the videos section if optimized appropriately with relevant keywords. Additionally, you can use your blog to talk about the content you are creating on TikTok and drive more viewers to your account.

Use Hashtags to Increase Visibility

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Think of hashtags as keywords. Including hashtags strategically in your videos can help their organic performance as TikTok will show your videos to the users looking for similar or related content. Use trending hashtags to join popular conversations and increase your exposure.

Create relevant and engaging videos

What better way to promote your TikTok account than by creating engaging and attractive content? Content will help your business stand out on TikTok from the rest. If your content is good enough, it can help increase engagement, as users will be likelier to share, comment, and like it. This indicates to the TikTok algorithm that your account is relevant and will show up to more users.

Share your videos on your other social media platforms

Sharing your TikTok videos on your other social channels will help you gain reach and build awareness around your content. You can only drive traffic to your account by informing users about your most recent content. Also, repurpose your TikTok content to fit in other formats, such as stories, reels, or carousels.

Participate in challenges or Trends

An excellent way to promote your TikTok account is to participate in popular challenges or trends. This is a great way to get noticed by more users and increase engagement on your account. By joining in on popular trends or challenges, you can develop content that resonates with your target audience and show up to users that don’t know about your business.

Run Online Contests

Another great way to promote your TikTok account is to run online contests. You can engage with your followers and reach out to new users through contests. You can offer prizes or rewards in exchange for inviting users to follow your page or tag you on their posts and stories.

Is it worth it to Promote on TikTok?

Definitely! Promoting your TikTok account and videos is an excellent way to reach a bigger audience with the latest trends. Currently, there are 1 billion active users on the TikTok app. With its growing popularity, it is a great platform to promote your products and services. You can maximize your TikTok account by implementing the right tricks and tips.

TikTok Promote

Conclusion on How to Promote your TikTok Account

Promoting your TikTok account can be a great way to reach your target customers and increase your visibility. Using the “Promote” feature and the above strategies will help you reach your audience with optimized, high-quality content.

Now you know how to promote your TikTok account to attract users! It’s time to start developing your strategy to boost your TikTok performance and appeal to your target market. RealTop has over 15 years of experience helping businesses thrive online through digital marketing strategies. Contact us today, get a free marketing plan, and discover how we can help your company.