How to “Close” Leads from Google Ads

Why are my leads not converting? So, you’re just getting started with online marketing. Your business is successful enough that you’re now re-investing money back into Google advertising to scale your business faster. You’ve hired an amazing ad agency, and the phones are ringing. But, you’re not closing sales. Something is wrong. “These leads are [...]

Why You Should be Using Google Ads to Market Your Business

Why You Should be Using Google Ads to Market Your Business? For some businesses, it doesn’t make sense to use Google Ads. But for most companies, Google ads should be the “minimum” that you do to market your business. In fact, the conversion rate on someone coming to your website from a Google Ad is [...]

Facebook is DEAD!

Does anyone remember MySpace? That’s where everyone was once on the virtual landscape, and no one was paying much attention to a small platform called Facebook that was aimed at college students. Fast-forward a decade or so, Facebook had taken over the world, and MySpace had devolved into a cyber-boneyard in one of the fasted [...]

Case Study: $5 Million/Year with Google Ads

U.S. National Financial Services Company Executive Summary A strong national financial services company with a sales staff of 25 was experiencing rapid growth and wanted to improve their growth rate through a Google Ads campaign. RealTop developed a Google Ads campaign engine for the client, which has resulted in a 36% conversion rate from prospects [...]
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